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Among the main problems of access to Kramp cc, there are so-called 3 categories: no access to the site, general system failures and complete inability to log in to the site.

Figuring out why Kraken stopped working

Let's clarify right away that most of the problems on arise from DDoS attacks. These attacks are aimed directly at destabilizing the work of the most popular trading platform.
Since Kraken sells a large list of prohibited goods, and its revenues exceed millions of dollars, there is nothing surprising in the appearance of some "forces" trying to break the Kraken Onion system.

Kraken's Competitors
Representatives of the FSB
Third-party users checking the resource for strength

The easiest way you can use when kraken is not working and you don't have time to wait for it to be restored is to use kramp cc mirrors:



These links will work and allow the user to log in to his personal account to make purchases.

If it didn't work out to enter kramp cc and you have free time, you can try to take the following measures:

Clean the Torus cache. In order to rid the browser of accumulated garbage and slag, press Ctrl + F5. Didn't help? Then we move on to the next step.
We check the antivirus software. Many users who complain that Kraken does not work forget that it will not work when the antivirus is turned on. The latter perceives Tor and kraken onion as malware and blocks them.
Finding out if AdBlock is enabled. When the program is enabled, the resource can also be blocked.
In order not to suffer from problems that arise when entering the official website of kraken, we recommend consulting with the specialists of the support service by writing to them.